Bioline catnip biscuits- 80g

3.000 JD

Now at Whiskers Nation, Bioline catnip biscuits- 80g

Bioline Catnip Biscuits, 80g, Cod flavor 100% natural Healthy & delicious ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, catnip leaves, malt sugar, cod, shrimp, sodium bicarbonate The product contains natural catnip leaves, has excellent palatability. It can help the cats increase exercises to control weights and to improve the health. Natural catnip leaves contains natural chlorophyll, helps to provide vitamins to the cats. It also contains vegetable fiber, helps to bring up hair balls and helps cats with stomach problems, like flatulence, etc. Crude protein-->10.5% crude ash--<3% crude fat--<5.5% water--<7% crude fibre-->1%