Crancy Dental Snack- All breeds

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Crancy Dental Snack is a beneficial " treat " for your dog. Thanks to the delicate abrasive action of the calcium and mineral microgranules, it allows a good cleaning of the teeth and a lower accumulation of tartar.
Its texture makes it a playful benefit for the gums as well.

Instructions for correct use

Always leave a bowl of fresh, clean water available to the dog.

Recommended daily rations

Give your dog Dental Snack, once a day, as indicated in the following table:
Dog Size / Dental Snack
Small (<10kg) : half
Medium (10-30kg) : whole
Large (over 30kg) : 1 and a half

Recommended not to exceed the indicated quantity as it could alter the correct daily ration administered with other foods.
Dental Snack cannot replace a complete food.


Cereals, By-products of vegetable origin, Meat and derivatives, Oils and fats, Mineral substances, Sugars.

Analytical components

Humidity: 16%; Crude protein: 15.4%; Crude fat: 3%; Crude fibers: 0.8%; Crude ash: 5.8%; Calcium: 1.6%.

Nutritional additives

3b101 Iron: 680 mg / kg.

Technological additives

Preservatives, 1m558i Bentonite: 15,000 mg / kg.