Hair removal brush

5.000 JD


Condition: Brand new, original packaging, sealed box. Brand new. How to use: Press the gray button lever to easily remove the hair from the brush and keep the cat and dog clean. This pet grooming brush is ideal for thoroughly removing hair and massage your pet's skin. It is rugged and has a rounded design to prevent pet injuries. Use in bath to enhance shampoo. Natural oil is dispensed to enhance the luster of the jacket. Made of soft, high-quality rubber. You can use it for wet or dry hair. To remove pet hair from the brush, just press the button. Comb length 12cm width 7.5cm needle length 2.8cm handle length 12.5cm Feature: * 1 automatic cleaning pet brush *Color: Blue *Material:Plastic * Quickly groom cats, dogs, small animals and bears - wet or dry *Simple automatic cleaning - release your hair with the push of a button * Mild round head bristles can create miracles for skin-sensitive pets * Comfortable curved handle grip to prevent your dog from combing for hours

Package Contents - Included Accessories: 1 Automatic cleaning pet brush

Product type: Dog Grooming