Pedi Paws Nail Trimmer Grinder For Pet Dog And Cat

12.000 JD

Pedi Paws Nail Trimmer Grinder For Pet Dog And Cat


Painless pet nail trimmer which won’t crack or splinter your pet’s nails.

Fast, easy and gentle, traps filings, quiet motor won’t scare your pet, totally cordless, Ideal for large dogs, small dogs and cats.

Eliminate the hassle of grooming your pet’s nails. Traditional clippers can cause painful nail splitting and cracking. The Pet Nail Trimmers rotating emery bands gently and safely files your pet’s nails to a smooth rounded finish. Plus, the protective cap catches the filings so there is no mess! Your pets nails will be a healthy length and your home will be safe from scratches and snags.


  • PediPaws - revolutionary nail trimmer for dogs & cats.
  • Easily & safely files your Pet's nails to leave them trim, rounded and smooth.
  • With precision emery filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail.
  • Trims the nails painlessly rather than traditional nail clippers.
  • Makes your furniture, upholstery and skin safe from scratches.
  • Unique protective cap self-contains the very filings so there's no mess!
  • Start treating your pet like one of the family. 
  • You and your pet will love PediPaws.