PreVital Rabbit, poultry & carrot 415 g

1.250 JD Regular price 1.500 JD

Composition: Meat and animal derivatives (4% rabbit, 4% poultry), cereals, fish and fish derivatives, vegetables (4% carrot), vegetables protein extracts, minerals, various sugars.

Analytical constituents: Moisture 80%, crude protein 7.5%, fat content 4.5%, crude ash 2.5%, crude fibres: 0.5%.

Additives/KG: Vitamin A 1100 IU, vitamin D3 140 IU, vitamin E 15 mg, zinc 10 mg, manganese 2.5 mg, taurine 450 mg.

Feeding instructions: An average sized cat needs maximum 400 g food a day, preferably divided over 2 meals. Serve the pet food on room temperature. Keep the open pouch in the fridge for maximum 2 days.

Storage: At dry and cold place.