Our Story

Whiskers Nation Brand Story December 2020 Life is better with a pet, that’s why our mission to supply families in Jordan with the best, most nutritious products available to keep the nation’s animals happy and healthy for years to come. Whiskers Nation was founded by a Jordan-based couple, who had been purchasing their pet supplies from abroad for many years while they travelled many times per month, working in the aviation industry.

Once they quit their job in the sector and went in search of the same high-quality pet products in Jordan they had a hard time finding the items they needed. With an unsatisfied cat and dog at home, they took matters into their own hands and created the pet store that Jordan needed. Transforming the market, broadening the options and supplying the country with all types of pet supplies, foods, treats and accessories that were needed - Whiskers Nation is the one-stop-shop for all your pets.

As proud pet owners, we understand that pets can be demanding, time-consuming and picky, yet we like them more than we like most humans because the joy, comfort and happiness they bring us are immeasurable. That’s why we have dedicated so much time to find our animals the perfect meal and the tastiest treats to enjoy. From our experience of international pet products, we have chosen the best of the best premium pet supplies, tried and tested them on our pets at home and found a way to provide them to homes across the country at unbeatable prices.

Shopping for your pets is simple with Whiskers Nation. We love our pets just as much as you do, and that’s why we’re committed to giving you the best service and purchase experience imaginable. We steer you in the right direction to the best products for your paw friends, the ones that will keep them happy, healthy and fit for longer. Our homes are happier because of our furry friends that live there too.

Jordan is a better country because of the pets that we are proud to call ours. Pick from the best products sourced from across the globe. Choose the best for your pets. Choose Whiskers Nation.