Artifact Adult dogs- 20 KG

25.000 JD Regular price 35.000 JD


Complete balanced food for dogs.

Ingredients; Cereals; Meat and animal products;
Derivatives of plant origin; Oils and fats;
Minerals; Yeast.
Protein: 23
Fiber: 3%
Oils and fats: 8%
Ash: 8%
Additives per kg of compound
ᲘInstructions for use
Vitamin A: 13.200 UI
Vitamin D3: 1.440 UI
Vitamin E: 102 mg
Biotin: 0.36 mg
3b103 Fer (sulfate monohydrate): 42 mg
3b201 iodine (potassium iodide): 1 mg
3b405 copper (copper sulfate penthidrati): 9 mg
3b503 manganese (manganese sulfate): 30 mg
3b605 zinc (sulphate monohydrate) 81 mg
3b607 zinc (glycine hydrating chelate): 30 mg
E8 Selenium (sodium selenite): 0.15 mg


Suggested nutrition guide
<5 kg> 120 g per day
5-10 kg 120g-190 g per day
10-25 kg 190g-380 g per day
25-45 kg 380g-595 g per day