Bioline Kitten Shampoo- 200 ml

3.500 JD


 This shampoo with deep nourishing formula which adds VA,VH and nutrients to solve the problems of sensitive fur and easily damaged for puppy cat,add CRILLET180 mild ingredients,care for puppy cat's sensitive fur to make the hair healthy and shiny. 

  •     Wet cat thoroughly with normal or warm water. 
  •     Use appropriate quantity of shampoo, rub into coat until a luxurious lather is built up.
  •     Rinse thoroughly till the lather is washed completely.
  •     Dry the coat with towel/electric dryer.

  •     This product is not edible.
  •     Keep out of reach of Children.
  •     Sealed after use.
  •     Store it in a cool and dry place.