CatPlus Bentonit Natural unscented Cat Litter

5.500 JD

Now at Whiskers Nation, CatPlus Bentonit Natural unscented Cat Litter 

CatPlus Bentonit Natural cat litter traps bad odors with its clumping structure and provides hygiene for your cat and ease of use for you

CatPlus Natural Bentonite cat litter has high absorbency. CatPlus Natural Bentonite cat litter can clump when your cat defecates and can be used with the help of a shovel, etc., without spreading the feces or urine. collected with sand. In this way, your cat will be comfortable while meeting his toilet needs, and you will experience ease while cleaning your cat's toilet area. CatPlus Natural Bentonite cat litter offers you and your pawed friends hygiene and ease of use at the same time. Both your cat and you will be comfortable with CatPlus Natural Bentonite cat litter.