Drops Rex and Musya for dogs and cats

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Now available at Whiskers Nation, Drops Rex and Musya for dogs and cats

PHARMACOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS. АТС vet QP53A, ectoparasitic drugs for local application (QP53AX15, fipronil)

The active substance of the drug – fipronil (Fipronilum)-5-amino-1-[2,6-dichloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)fenil]-4[(trifluoromethyl) sulfinyl]-1Н- pyrazole -3- carbonitrile, derivative of fenilpirazole.

Fipronil acts on the central nervous system of ectoparasites with­out affecting the central nervous system of animals. The mecha­nism of action of fipronil in invertebrates is that the drug inhibits the passage of chloride ions in the GABA-dependent chloride chan­nels, disrupting the nervous system. After systematic locking of nervous system with fipronil occurs nervous overexcitement and death of ectoparasites.

After applying the product on the skin fipronil is not absorbed through the skin, and cumulates in the epidermis, sebaceous glands, hair follicles and gradually releases detecting insecticide-acaricide action. Fipronil provides long-term sustained action. After local application the drug is distributed over the body surface of the animal within 24 hours.