Greenbone Biobase Dispenser & 12 Waste Bags

6.000 JD

Greenbone Biobase Dispenser & 12 Waste Bags makes every time your pal goes number two an opportunity to help the planet! Picking up your pup’s poo is inevitable, but these bags and dispenser make it a little bit better because they are sustainably made with renewable corn. The non-toxic material is a perfect alternative to traditional plastic and includes zero allergens and BPAs. Use the carabiner clip for a hands-free experience and trust that these durable, easy-tear bags will keep your furry friend’s mess safely contained, no matter how big the load is!

Key Benefits

  • Your pal will be 1 eco-friendly furry friend because these bags and dispenser are naturally made from corn.
  • A non-toxic, sustainable alternative to plastic.
  • Easy-tear seams make picking up poop a little bit better.
  • Roomy sized bags are perfect for bigger loads.
  • Dispenser features a carabiner clip for hands-free use.