Procott Dog Shampoo- 500ml

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Everyday , parasites ,microbes, pollution and harsh weather blemishes pet’s hair

These invisible enemies rudely assaults fur-coat and robs away its natural shine and softness

Leaving it dull and damaged. Procott offers pro-activated dual hair conditioning plus vitalizing system,a renewed experience of pure rich and natural bath for your dog concentrated of freshly picked herbal like avocado, aloe vera, neem,henna, coconut, dill and eucalyptus ensures healthy rinsing coupled with smooth, shiny and live hair conditioning. Unique moisturizer and vitamin – E in procott gently pampers and nourishes each strand of hair, balances skin’s oil protein and restores smooth lustrous finish.

Direction for use

Wet the dog thoroughly with water. Apply Procott liberally to work up  rich lather and massage well into the coat. Allow shampoo to remain in oat for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water, procott can be safely used on all dogs breeds  of all ages.