Spectrum Fussy 34 Adult Cat Food Fish 12KG

50.000 JD

SPECTRUM Fussy34, An especially formulated complete and balanced ultra-premium food to meet the nutritional requirements of adult cats with irregular appetite. The SQF concept in SPECTRUM Adult Cat Fussy is boosted with an exclusive natural aroma to ensure appetite and eating pleasure of your cat.


Dehydrated fish protein, dehydrated chicken protein, brown rice, wheat, maize, chicken oil, maize gluten, dried antarctic krill (4%), hydrolysed chicken liver, brewer's yeast, carob flour, cranberry extract, yucca-quillaja, fructo-oligosaccharides (600 ppm), L-carnitine, rosmarinus sp. - curcuma sp. - vitis sp. - citrus sp. - eugenia sp. (300 ppm).




Crude Protein  34%
Crude Fat 16%
Crude Ash    8%
Crude Cellulose ( Fiber ) 2,5%