Spectrum Large Breed Puppy Dog- Chicken-3 KG

14.000 JD

Cost/KG: 4.80 JD

SPECTRUM Large Breed Puppy 30, An especially formulated complete and balanced ultra-premium food to meet the nutritional requirements of large breed puppies (adult weight superior to 25 kg) aged from 2 to 14 months.

The SQX concept in SPECTRUM Puppy is boosted by carnitine to ensure the lean body mass and ideal silhouette of your future adult dog.

NUTRITIVE ADDITIONSLodine (E2): 1,5 mg/kg, Copperr (E4): 15 mg/kg, Manganese (E5): 70 mg/kg, Zinc (E6):180 mg/kg, Selenium (E8) 0,3 mg/kg Preservative - Antioxidant

Crude Protein  30% Vitamin A (E672)

18000 IU/kg

Crude Fat 16% Vitamin D3(E671)

 1500 IU/kg

Crude Ash    9% Vitamin E (3A700) 150 mg/kg
Crude Cellulose ( Fiber ) 3,5% Vitamin C (Stay C) 200 mg/kg
    Iron (E1) 150 mg/kg