Superfoods Grain Free Duck & Orange 320g

7.500 JD

Detailed description

Butcher's Super Foods Treats is a new line of premium dog snacks, distinguished by the highest quality of ingredients, healthy, balanced snacks with a high meat content and the addition of fruit rich in vitamins. Slowly baked, without grains, artificial additives and sugar, making them easy to digest and even suitable for dogs with food hypersensitivity or for those intolerant to gluten. Food in the "slow" style, which will provide your four-legged friend with the highest quality nutrients, extremely delicious taste sensations and will provide a feeling of satiety for longer. Because your dog deserves the best!

Composition Ingredients: vegetables, meat and animal products (29%, of which duck 14%), oils and fats, fruit (orange 4%), minerals. Composition analysis (%): crude protein 20.4, crude oils and fats 10.7, inorganic matter 9.6, crude fiber 5.3, moisture 12.