VanCat Premium litter

5.000 JD

Now at Whiskers Nation, VanCat Premium litter

The light and fresh scent keeps your tray smelling clean all year round and is loved by cats and humans alike! As with all VanCat litters, Providing you top the litter back up, you will never need to empty the entire tray.

VanCat comes in 8 different scents, white active carbon and unscented. Its liquid absorption capacity is high and clumps very well due to the unique shape of the granules, they are small and circular, forming a ball in the litter which makes cleaning the tray easier. Proving to be cost-effective and long lasting.

  • 100% natural
  • Long lasting
  • Super clumping
  • High odour control
  • High absorption 280% – 300%
  • Granule size – 0.6 – 2.25mm