VitaliDOG Paste | Multivitamin Paste for Dogs

7.500 JD

VitaliDOG Paste | Multivitamin Paste for Dogs

A complete and well-balanced Vitamin and Amino Acid supplement to support healthy development and disease resilience of dogs.


Methionine; Helps protect kidney, fur and skin.

Niacinamide; It helps release energy into your dog’s cells while lowering cholesterol levels of your dog.

Vitamin A; Strengthens eyesight and helps to reduce dryness, sclerosis and itchiness that may occur on skin of our four-legged friends, and helps to keep the skin and coat healthy.

Ca-D-Pantothenate; is an anti-stress vitamin. Our lovely friends can’t fight infections if they don’t get a sufficient amount of Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B2; It helps to produce energy from fat and contributes to the quality of skin and fur.

VitaliDOG Paste contains L-Carnitine to help reduce the proportion of fat in the body; and Biotin to help fight against shedding.

100 ml